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Dr. Sima Chaabi Visinezhad is one of the successful women of the country and the world

Sima Veisinezhad was born on the first day of the beautiful month of March in 1961 in Abadan. In 1997, she spent her bachelor’s degree in the field of librarianship and information at Islamic Azad University, North Tehran branch, and obtained her master’s degree in the same field at the University of Science and Research in 2001 with a high-grade point average, and in her doctoral degree she finished her studies in Human Resource Management with a grade point average of 19.50.But this was not the end of her studies, this exemplary researcher with round-the-clock studies succeeded in cooperating with many government, private and semi-government institutions and left a good name for herself in these institutions. Among the positions of this lady in the country, teaching in the university and being the head of the Comprehensive Scientific and Applied University, head of the country’s elite medal winning team, scientific editor and author of articles and books, research and media management.

These are the honors of Dr. Sima Veisinezhad:• Participation and scientific advice to the team of inventors who won medals in the world championships• Member of the global network of entrepreneurship• Insert resume in NASA organization• Insert resume at MIT International University• Insert resume at Harvard International University• Inserting a resume at Oxford International University, England• Member of the International Association of Teachers• Membership in My German University in Germany• Membership in the Startup Center of Denmark• Membership of the Women’s Empowerment Center, North York Institute, Toronto, Canada• Membership in the Institute of Information Systems and Technologies, Technical and Scientific Knowledge Dissemination Association• Member of the non-profit organization Jstor with access to more than 12 million articles, books and magazines• Member of the Muslim Women’s Organization• Membership in the club of researchers under the supervision of the preclinical laboratory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences• Membership in Women’s Studies Association• Member of Northern Ireland Women and Girls Platform• Member of the International Cooperation Agency of Brazil and Iran and received a certificate of appreciation• Member of Iran Project Management Association• Management of Genius Academy of the Century in line with Genius Cultivation by Genius Magazine• Head of the Academy of Foreign Journal GENIUS OF THE CENTURYIt is among the achievements and honors of this Iranian lady at the world level.It goes without saying that the preparation of electronic books and compilation of documents and academic courses are among the creations of this precious and elite lady of the country, which has added to the honors and skills of Dr. Sima Veisinezhad.Dr. Sima Veisinezhad has made scientific and non-scientific trips to many countries of the world, and today she is known as an experienced and scientific lady, and this has made this elite lady hold many conversations as an expert and a top lady in audio and video media.

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